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     Hayaà Designs is founded by Hafsah Uddin, Sana Memon, Mehwish Rangoonwala and Sana Dangra. The four of us come from a very different background. Each of us holds a unique story that brings us together. We went to the same high school and faced the same struggles when having to pick between wearing a shirt underneath a top with cleavage or with no sleeves. We promised each other to open up a business, once we reached a point in life that allows us to contribute 100% of our time — bringing us to February 16th, 2017, when we decided to launch a clothing line. After a lot of hard work and preparation we launched our website in 2019.

     We wanted to create a brand that allowed EVERYONE to have a choice. Since we all had unique ideas, we started right away and after 2 years of planning and perfecting the concept and design, we welcome you to Hayaà Designs.  Hayaà Designs is a modest-wear line that is inclusive to all cultures and is available right here at your fingertips. We are an online modest clothing brand bringing you exclusive collections to help you look your best whether you are bumming it at home, being a boss woman at work, or getting LIT.  We at Hayaà Designs believe in supporting women to be the best that they can be. We want to offer a brand that values women of ALL religions and cultures and give them confidence through our clothes. 

Previously we were Hayaà Beauty but we have decided to rebrand as Hayaà Designs to include men as well.  We now sell modest wear for women and also sell men's clothing as well!

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